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Taxi Driving Games – 5 Free Online Taxi Cab Games

Find Out What Users Chose As The Best Taxi Driving Games
Drive Town Taxi Game

Taxi Driving Games – 5 Free Online Taxi Cab Games

There are literally 100’s of taxi driving games available to play. From PC downloadable games, to flash, mobile apps and a lot of free browser based ones. Which ones are the most popular and fun to play?

We have done a little research for you and found that these 5 free games rank the highest.


#5 Coolmath’s Crazy Taxi M-12

Craxy Taxi M-12In this mathematical based taxi driving game you will use your keyboards arrow keys to speed the car up, slow the car down and steer the car right and left. Use the spacebar to make the car jump over obstacles.

On each track, you’ll need to crash into some of the cars while avoiding others.

The game uses times tables, or in the math term “multiples.” When it tells you to crash into cars that are multiples of 2, that means all the numbers that have 2 as one of the factors! 2, 4, 6, 8, and so on.

Multiples of 10 are 10, 20, 30, 40,… Multiples of 7 are 7, 14, 21, 28, … Get it?

So, to do well at this game, you may have to do some studying!! Start with those times tables!

Play the Coolmath taxi game here.

#4 Speed Taxi Hidden Letters

#4 Speed Taxi Hidden Letters Game

A lot of the taxi games are driving but not with Speed Taxi. This fun game will have you looking for hidden letters along the way.

There are three pictures with speed taxi and they each are loaded with hidden letters! You choose one of them and then you will have 300 seconds of playing time. There are 26 hidden letters from A to Z, but they are well hidden and not very easy to find. Use your mouse to click on the letters when you find some. You can only make five mistakes, so don’t go around clicking all over the place. This taxi driving game is not as easy as it looks.

Play Speed Taxi Hidden Letters here.

#3 Sim Taxi 2 Game

Sim Taxi 2 Driving Game Sim Taxi 2 is a funny taxi simulation game by Wandah. Your mission in this crazy taxi driving game is to deliver passengers to their destinations as fast as you can. Drive your taxi cab around the city using your arrow keys while looking out for passengers needing a cab ride.

Play Sim Taxi 2 here.




#2 Drive Town Taxi

Drive Town Taxi Drive Town Taxi is much more than a taxi driving game, it’s and addiction. It comes in at number 2 on our list, so try go ahead and play this free taxi game here.






#1 Sim Taxi: Lotopolis City

Sim Taxi: Lotopolis City Game

There is something about the words sim and taxi in one sentence. Add into the mix an entire “Lotopolis” city and things get very interesting.

In this taxi game it’s either fame or fortune. Can you make a great living driving a cab in this chaotic city? There’s plenty of customers waiting for you.

Play Sim Taxi: Lotopolis City here.


There you have it! 5 fun taxi games that you can play online for free. If you know of any others feel free to let us know.

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