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Summertime Can Be A Taxi Drivers Worst Enemy

No Doubt Incomes Go Down, But Here Are Some Summertime Tips For Drivers
Rideshare/Taxi slowdown in summer - Make money driving

How To Survive The Slow Summer Months – Taxi/Rideshare Drivers

Unless you are working in an extremely high tourist area such as Panama City Beach, or Orlando, you will find that the summer is much different than the spring, winter, and fall. As a taxi or rideshare driver you must adapt to the slow down that occurs as soon as school gets out for summer break, and continues until fall.

In this article Jerry is going to go over some great tips that will help you get through the slow down while still making a living as a driver.

Follow his advice and you will make decent money, even in the slow summer months! You may also want to read this article by Jerry on making a great living as a taxi driver.

Look at the chart below to see how much the taxi business drops off in the summer compared to the winter months.

Taxi Buisness Slows Down in Summer

Outsmart The Other Taxi Drivers In Your Area

Taxi and rideshare drivers should be doing these things year round but, because business is so much busier in the winter most wont take the time. A “smart” driver will!

  • Take notes: What do you mean take notes? When I get a ping for Sam at 2 pm and he takes me for a 40 dollar ride I will be asking him while he is in my car a simple question “How often do you ride”? When I find out then I will make a note. Can you guess where I will be sitting on Thursday around 10 min till 2?
  • Set up the customer: Lets use ol’ Sam above, but this time lets get him for a bunch of trips that will ALL be mine!. First of all I make sure that I have done what is needed to ensure he sees me as a friendly driver. Then I begin to explain (while we are driving to his destination) how I want to show him some things on the passenger app, and it will only take a couple of minutes. TADA… are you seeing a trend here? That’s right I’m going to help Sam out by setting up every single time call I can FOR HIM. I’m going to do it while he is in my car, and I WILL BE the ONLY driver that can get those calls.
  • Change your hours and driving habits: If you are working with an app based company like “DashRabbit” then you can look on the apps map and see how many drivers are working. If there are a ton of drivers, and very few of them are moving then why go out? I’ll just wait until the evening or early morning. No its not as busy, but there aren’t many cars working either, and I will make more money in the process.

Stop Being So Damn Lazy – Taxi Drivers Hustle!

The most frustrating thing that I see from a management standpoint is drivers purposely avoiding short trips, trips 10 miles away, avoiding certain people (but, but, but I don’t like that customer).  Come on man’ money is money. You’re going to throw away 10 bucks just because you don’t like someone? Come on 🙁

Anyway, enough on my rant here are some lazy habits that many drivers need to break immediately, and by doing so will increase their income a lot.

  • Stop avoiding paying customers: If you are not moving then you aren’t making anything. Why on earth sit? This is a no brainier folks!
  • Get out of the car: Ok, what on earth does Jerry mean by saying “get out of the car”? Its the dog days of summer, its hot, and people are not riding as much. So your sitting in the cool AC hoping to get a ping. If I’m out to make money as a driver then I am NOT going to sit in the AC hoping for a ping. Here is what I am going to do. I’m going to the clubs, the bus stations, the hotels, and any place I can think of where people are. In Dekalb county you have a lot of busy Marta stations, and hundreds of grocery stores. I’m going to get out of my car and create some business by walking up to everyone and saying “do you ever need a taxi ride”? Then I’m going to tell them about my company along with showing them how easy it is to download our app. GET SMART!
  • Just keep moving: Take every single call you get. Just do it and it will reap its rewards.
  • Don’t avoid what you THINK is a short ride. Many times it may end up just being a minimum fare, however not always. Many times the people that put in a short distance end up going all over the place. I have seen a lot of rides in the past week alone in which the app showed as a minimum ride that turned out to be 40, 60 and even $80 dollar rides. Not only that, a lot of these short rides are round trips. Others are going to be riding back. Ever thought about asking these people what time they are going to need a ride back? Better yet, go ahead and help them set up the time call to come back while you have them with you. The customer will see you as “someone who wants to help”, but the truth is you are helping line your pocketbook. Its a win win for you and the customer.

In the above article I simply laid out a few tips to help you make more money during the slow times of summer. Due to time I can not write any more today. As a driver I challenge you to think about all the different ways that are possible to increase your income. Use them and everyone wins. You, your company, and all the other drivers win too, and when everyone gets on board with this income potential increases for all drivers.

If your fellow drivers are not on board, give em hell because they deserve to hear it!


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