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Passenger Safety Is Our Number 1 Priority – DashRabbit Taxi

Safety for our drivers and passengers is extremely important.

Passenger safely all starts with the drivers

Most people can drive a car, but not everyone is qualified to drive for DashRabbit Taxi Cab Service. DashRabbit cab drivers are experts that ensure that your rides are always safe.

Regardless of age you and your family are in good hands.

The initial screening process:

Phone interview

First there is a phone call with the driver that is interested where we find out why he or she wants to work with DashRabbit. With this call we can usually tell how friendly the person is along with being able to judge their communication skills.

Reference checks

Next, we begin doing previous employment reference checks. We first make sure that they are still driving with the company that told us about them. After confirmation we call on their last two employers (when applicable) to find out about their care giving experience regarding customer service, and safety.

Face-to-face orientation

Candidates go through a person-to-person interview with a team manager and supervisor. During this meeting we show them how to use the DashRabbit taxi app and cover what standards we expect from drivers. During this time we are also able to further evaluate the candidate to make sure they are a good fit.

Next we take the process further with a very deep set of background checks. We investigate deeper than anyone in the transportation industry – we have a zero tolerance policy:

Learn more about our liabilities before ordering a ride with us.

Identity verification

We make sure that the name on the social security card and drivers license match. The driver needs to also have a Class C license which can only be obtained through the state.

Social Security Number trace

A social security trace is a process that traces an alias and address history of the person in order to perform criminal searches at the national, and county level. This is performed by the state where the driver is working as an independent contractor.

County criminal search

Based on the social security trace address and movement results, the state will do a complete check on all 50 states including a check in all relevant counties in 50 states and Puerto Rico for any crime related activity.

National criminal records search

This process searches criminal records, sex offenses, terrorist and fugitive reports and much more through the records of Department of Corrections, Administrative Office of the, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), FBI Terrorist List and Federal/State/Local Wanted Fugitives list and County history records.

Federal criminal offender search

Uncovers case information from all of the 94 federal district courts nationwide for all aliases.

Sex offender registry check

Ongoing DMV records checks

DashRabbit drivers are not governed in all states to hold a class C drivers license (a special license endorsement) that will be revoked on the state level if they do not demonstrate a record of safe driving behavior.

Safe vehicles

Vehicles are inspected regularly for safety. This is an intense vehicle inspection done on the State level. Different states have different laws regarding the age of a for-hire transportation automobile.

And all this safety is monitored by 21st century technology

Now that we have safety minded, top quality drivers we help them to continue on with a safe, and reliable taxi & rideshare service, while also offering families a great app to monitor and track their rides.

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