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2017 NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar Is Out – Fun & Humor

2017 NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar Is Out – Fun & Humor

2017 NYC Taxi Calenday NEW YORK — The 2017 New York City Taxi Drivers Calendar is out, so move over everyone else! Sexy policeman, fireman, and hunks from everywhere there are new players in town.

That’s right – the 2017 “NYC Taxi Drivers” calendar has officially been released.

It is the fourth edition of the tongue-in-cheek calendar, which features confident cabbies in a variety of saucy poses. The most recent features some special guests: Lucy, the sexy provocateur puppet, and actress Elizabeth Ann Berg from the Tony Award-winning musical “Avenue Q.”

The scintillating calendar is the brainchild of Philip and Shannon Kirkman, who donate all of the proceeds to the non-profit University Settlement.

To date, the calendar has raised more than $55,000 for charity.

The calendars are available online at NYCTaxiCalendar.com for $14.99

Month Of January Calendar Photo

January’s photo features Zaib in his stylish sunglasses, fearsome hairstyle and a handsome smile. This NYC driver is sure to rock your world!

Zaib on calendar's January photo page

Calendar photo – January 2017

Month Of February Calendar Photo

Luis sports the month of February with his jeans, open black shirt, and a knock out body. Leaning up against that taxi and covered in rose peddles, oh my!

Feb taxi calendar photo - 2017

Luis Sporting the Month of February

Month Of March Calendar Photo

Is there anything sexier than a yellow cab driver cleaning the back of his taxis windshield? Meet Ali, one of New York cities finest prospects.

Ali - Taxi Calendar 2017

Ali Making the Windows Shine for March, 2017

Month Of April Calendar Photo

Let me help you with that luggage mam! I’m Yuriy, a NYC taxi driver featured on the 2017 April calendar — hope you like my style. BTW, what do you think about my hairy chest? yummy

Yuriy 2017 April Photo

Yuriy Featured for the Month of April

Month Of May Calendar Photo

Sam might want to think about pursuing a career in the modeling industry instead of driving a cab. He’s got the body, and the look that most men can only dream of. The month of May will be a “very” good one.

Meet Sam, a NYC Taxi driver

Sam is a Definite Bright Spot for This Taxi Calendar

Month Of June Calendar Photo

The highlight for the month of June pictures taxi driver Joe standing among a crowd of people getting autographs. Also featured here is actress Elizabeth Ann Berg, and Lucy the famous puppet.

Joe in 2017 taxi calendar

Joe, Lucy, and Elizabeth Ann Berg: Featured for June

Month Of July Calendar Photo

The dog days of summer are represented here as Sid cools off with a gallon of water. How sexy is that?

Month of July - NYC Taxi Calendar

Sid is Featured for the Month of July

Month Of August Calendar Photo

Alright then! To be honest we are not quite sure what to say about Williams look here. On the bright side they had to come up with something for August.

August 2017 Calendar Photo

….put whatever you want here for this saying

Month Of September Calendar Photo

Here we get a great look at a sporty Yellow Cab in the background, but we are not sure what to say about Rae and his balloons. Is he being lifted off the ground by them?

Rae - NYC Caledar

Taxi Driver Rae for September

Month Of October Calendar Photo

WOW, Mike has it going on in this October surprise. We can only imagine that the females of the world are super jealous that they arent able to plunge their nails into that body.

October surprise calendar

Mike Offers a Genuine October Surprise

Month Of November Calendar Photo

I think we will let you try and figure out what taxi driver Tom is doing in this photo…we have no idea! Anyway, this is what you will see on the November calendar page for 2017.

Tom 2017 Calendar

Tom Featured for the Month of November

Month Of December Calendar Photo

Is there anything more enticing than a cab driver without a shirt laying on top of his car? Maybe there is, but when you add the ice effect watch out! Meet Hassan, Decembers choice.

Hassan - December NYC Taxi Calendar

Hassan, Decembers 2017 Taxi Calendar Model

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