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How To Use The Online Booking Form

How To Use The Online Booking Form

Using photo illustrations we will show you exactly how to use the online booking form to order a ride from DashRabbit. Dont want to use the online form? Get our mobile taxi/rideshare app.

Part 1 – Placing an order for a ride you want right now

For orders at a later time scroll down to part 2:

1-a Add your mobile phone number.

add your mobile phone number to order taxi ride

1-b Enter the verification code sent to the specified number via SMS in the corresponding field.

Add the SMS confirmation code

1-c DashRabbit’s online booking form should auto detect your location in less than 5 sec. You can also specify a different pickup location by typing the address in the appropriate field.

Add your pickup location here

You should also include the address you are going to in the field as marked.

Click on “book” next and you will see that we are searching for the nearest DashRabbit.

1-d in the picture below you see that our technology is searching for the closest available taxi / ridshare ride for you.

searching for taxi

1-e Taxi is found. Arrival details are shown on the screen and you can now see the driver on their way to pick you up.

That’s it, enjoy your DashRabbit ride!

Part 2 – Booking a taxi for later / multiple orders

2-a Pre-bookings can be created using the form as well. Simply change the button marked “now” to “pre” that is located in the top left corner. Choose the date and time needed. DashRabbit offers pre-bookings of up to 30 days in advance.

Advanced ordering options

2-b You  can also book multiple orders. Order statuses will be shown on this page next time you return as long as you have not deleted your cookies on your mobile device or web browser.

Booking multiple taxis

Note: If you have the DashRabbit mobile app installed on your cellular device the details added here will be shown on the mobile app as well.


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