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[Sticky] Effective immediately! $5 charge to all drivers that drop a time call  


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18/04/2017 10:25 am  

One of the worst things YOU as a driver can do is to accept a time call and then cancel on the customer. Especially if it is made the day or evening before and then just because you decide that you do not feel like going and getting them you drop them late or right before time to go and leave them hanging with no ride.

I know for a fact a driver did this over the weekend and her and I have discussed it. With that said many of you are doing this now and for some reason continue to think that it is OK. 

This morning I received the following email from a very unhappy customer:



My daughter used your app April 15 to reserve a ride for Tuesday, April 18.  Tuesday morning, an hour before her ride was due, she checked the app and her reservation was no longer visible.  Her attempt to renew the reservation failed in that the app kept churning without bringing up another reservation.  Can you tell me what percentage of reservations made more than a day ahead of time disappear from the app? 




Of course the driver that is reading this knows exactly who they are! With that said, the reason they could not get another ride is because there was no one else available to pick them up at that time.


Moving forward. If you drop a time call we will charge you $5 period! If you simply do not show up then we will charge you $25.


We don't want your money. We want you to do your job and quit destroying the business that many have worked so hard to generate.


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