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[Sticky] DashRabbit Partners Guidlines for Posting  


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10/04/2017 7:38 am  

Post made here can be seen by everyone, even the general public. As a DashRabbit partner you are accountable to maintain the same high standards when making forum post as required by you as a partner. 

In order for you to be able to post or reply to topics in this forum you must first be a registered member of the forums. Once registered you must then email us at admin@dashrabbittaxi.com. Inside the email you must provide us with the user-name used on the forum along with your full name and phone number that you have the DashRabbit app installed on. 

We will then grant you permissions to post in this section of the taxi and rideshare forums.

Posting Rules

DashRabbit partners are not allowed to discuss income, weekly dues amounts, commission percentage amounts, take home pay, gross pay, or any of the like on these forums.

Partners must also adhere to the guidelines of the forums located here


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