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Drive With DashRabbit

Our Drivers Earn A Fantastic Income Using Their Car

Drive wish DashRabbit

Earn great money while driving with us!

Make great money

DashRabbit drivers can earn more money than with any other rideshare program. Plus, you collect all the money from your passengers, including any tips. DashRabbit stong!

It's a full time career

98 percent of our drivers have made driving with us a full time career. Leaving their old jobs to join our team while making more than they ever imagined using their car.

Getting started is easy.

Getting started is easy. You can start the process by downloading our drivers app below. Be sure that you follow all steps as outlined. Once this is complete one of our staff will get in touch with you,

What are DashRabbit's driver requirements?

DashRabbit drivers must be at least 21 years of age, have a fantastic attitude, and own an Android or iPhone. As a part of our approval process you will go through an interview, a DMV check, plus a county and national background check. Drivers will be required to have a valid Social Security number, and an in-state drivers license that is at least one year old.

Your automobile must meet our inspection requirement, have 4 doors, and 5 seat-belts. Drivers must also have proper insurance, and in-state license plates.


Be sure to follow all steps or your driver application approval process will be delayed

First and foremost: Before downloading our drivers app we need for you to take 4 photos using the cell phone in which you are going to install our drivers app on.

You will be uploading all 4 of these photos onto the app itself once installed onto your cellphone.

NOTE: take the following 4 photos with your cellphone first as this has to be done at the time of the app installation.
 1. Photo of your car
 2. Current photo of yourself (must not have anyone else on it)
 3. Photo of the front of your Drivers License
 4 Photo of the back of your Drivers License
All 4 of the above mentioned photos must be uploaded onto the app when you download it onto the phone that you will be using when driving.

To get started using our driver app for Android phones go here: DashRabbit Driver for Android
For Apple iOS and Ipads go here: DashRabbit Driver for iOS
You will also need to fill out the areas for your license plate information, email, and all other required information on the drivers app. Once we see that you have installed the app and the other required information we will get back in touch with you so that you can begin your driving career with us.

By downloading the DashRabbit driver/partner app you agree to all policies and guidelines for drivers located here. You also authorize DashRabbit LLC to perform a complete criminal background history check.

If you have any issues related to downloading the drivers app contact us using the form below.

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