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New Technology

With our state-of-the-art taxi app you will be able to get a cab quickly. There will be no more need to call our number. Our app will automatically pick up your location, and you can even watch the driver on their way to get you.

 15 Min Pick-Ups

Rely on us to be picked up in 15 minutes or less under most circumstances. When booking airport rides be sure to give advanced notice.

Easy to Use App

One of the best taxi cab — on demand apps available. Hale a ride with just one click, or set a time call of up to one month in advance.

Taxi app available for Android or iOS

Get a Ride Now or Schedule it for Later


Introducing the all new easy to use taxi cab service mobile passenger app from DashRabbit. Offering instant on-demand-rides with the tap of a button. The app can be downloaded and used on any smart phone, and is extremely flexible for passengers. Built with the latest technology, and designed with the consumer in mind, we know you will love it.

We are the only taxi service that is currently able to process all calls to our drivers using this advanced technology while also offering customers rides by still calling our dispatch offices.  The reason for this is that we have found that some customers still prefer to call instead of downloading an app. If you wish to call, then feel free to do so at 404-500-7828 and one of our friendly staff members will be glad to assist you.

To see details about our taxi and limo fleet visit our homepage.


Our app will pick up your location automatically using its built in GPS system. Passengers can also add any pick up location they desire by entering an address, place of business, or by setting a pin location on the map.

The app will also show you how many available cars are in the area along with an estimated time of arrival. Passengers will also be able to watch the driver as he or she is en route to pick you up. There will be no guessing as to when your driver will arrive!


Reading below you will find answers to the most common questions ask by our riders related to the taxi service app.

How do I use the app service to order a taxi?

Start by opening the DashRabbit app on your phone. As long as your GPS is set to “active” on your Smartphone your location will be automatically located for you. At this point you will be able to see how many drivers are in your area along with the approximate waiting time. Next you will need to confirm that the location is where you want to be picked up. If it is not the same as where you need the ride then you can change your location easily by entering in any address, place or business, or by adding it on the map using its pin drop function. Tap the “Book” button and within a few minutes the next closest and available driver will be heading your way. At this point you will be able to watch the driver as he/she is en-rout to pick you up.

Does it cost anything to use the app, or are there any advertisements?

Absolutely not! Our mobile app is totally free to download and use by anyone. There are no advertisements on it anywhere.

Can I cancel a ride request?

You may cancel a ride at anytime before the driver arrives. We ask however that you call the driver ahead of time out of courtesy when doing so.

If I close the app after ordering a taxi will I lose the trip?

No you will not. After the driver has accepted your ride request you can close the app if you would like. Once the driver arrives, an alert message will be sent to your cell phone. However, if the app is closed you will not be able to see the driver en-rout to pick you up.

What if I need more than one taxi at a location?

The PickMeUp app allows persons to order up to 4 taxi cabs at the same location at the same exact time. We do not foresee that you will have any problem when ordering a ride.

What are advanced booking options? "Time Calls"

Time calls are an advanced booking option allowing you to pre-order a ride for a certain time of the day. This is great for airport transportation and special occasions where you know exactly what day and time you need to leave. You can pre-book a ride for up to 3 weeks in advance directly on the app and a driver will be there for you at the day and time you need them.

Note: Time calls do not go out to the drivers immediately, but they will be dispatched out via the app 2 hours prior to your day and time automatically. You will see the driver who has accepted your ride at that time.

How do I know that I am getting a reputable driver?

Once you have requested a ride and one of our drivers accepts it you will see information about the driver. This information is on the app and it will show the drivers photo ID, a picture of the car, and vehicle registration information. You will also have access to the drivers phone number. Safety is our number one priority for passengers and drivers.

Do I have to pay by credit card to use the app?

No you do not. All of our drivers take cash payments and are also set up to process credit cards for convenience. You may also use the apps built in credit card payment processor. More information about “Payment directly by App” can be read below.


As noted above, cash payments and credit cards are accepted by all drivers. The information provided below is for those wishing to pay directly via the apps processing gateway.

What is payment directly by app?

The PickMeUp app by DashRabbit allows you to ride without any money being transferred between you and the driver. The app will take your payment directly making the travel process simple via your cell phone.

How does paying directly by app work?

The mobile taxi service app will allow you to set up your payment processing directly on the app in just a few steps. After entering your information you can then save your credit card information safely. Once you have finished with your ride you will then verify that the price is correct, add a tip if you want, and then confirm the total.  A receipt for your ride will be emailed to you.


Why do I have to enter my phone number when I install the app?

Once the app has been downloaded to your Smartphone you will be asked to input your phone number. Once you have done so you will receive a one time code via text to your phone  This helps to also ensure our drivers safety as the app will then be linked to your phone number for as long as you use the service.

Does DashRabbit see any of my payment information?

No! If you have chosen to use the apps built in payment processor then all of your data is safely secured by encrypted coding metrics. DashRabbit has a separate processing company and does not have access to this type of personal information.

Can I rate my experience and driver?

At the end of every ride you will be able to confirm the payment amount and that the ride is over. At that time you will be able to rate your experience and driver using a 5 star rating system directly on the app.

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If you have any other questions try our FAQ section, or if you are still having a problem with the app then feel free to contact us at (404-500-7828).

DashRabbit taxi app for Android and for iOS -- Or, Book Online.

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