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Goodbye Phone Calls As DashRabbit Says "No More"

DashRabbit Taxi Is Now Totally App Based Passing The Savings To Its Riders
#dashrabbit - App based only taxi service

Now Fully Automated And App Based Only! #dashrabbit

DashRabbit Taxi, rideshare and limo will no longer be accepting phone calls for rides. #dashrabbit

With the tap of a button those needing any of the DashRabbit services can now use the DashRabbit app for a large variety of services offered.

Get the DashRabbit app here, or use our online booking form to order a ride.

No Phone Calls Means More Savings For You

By doing away with phone calls and forcing riders to use the app we will save money. DashRabbit is going to return the savings by offering even lower rates then before to its valued clients.

We were already the lowest priced taxi service in the area, however riders will now see .50 cent a mile savings when ordering via the app.

New Options Available On the App

#dashrabbit has also added more new features right on the app.

  1. Our drivers have always accepted cash and credit cards on the spot. With a brand new built in app feature passengers can now pay by credit card directly on the app.
  2. New “Economy Class” offered. This service is the cheapest way to ride, but it is only available at certain times. The Economy class is available during our slowest times, so watch closely for it when you get ready to ride.
  3. SUV, business, and courier.  3 brand new options now available directly through the app.
  4. We sill soon be launching options for deliveries, shopping, and more!

$5 Off On Your First Ride Using The App

When you download the app be sure to add the code “ERJHM” inside the promos section. You will get a discount coupon for your next ride. You will also have the option to share a code with family and friends, and whenever they ride for the first time you will get an additional $5 off on your rides.




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