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Don't Stress Over Using Your Own Car. Use a Taxi Cab Instead!

5 excellent reasons to save money using a taxi or ridshare instead of your own car.
Reasons to use a taxi instead of your own car

Top 5 Reasons Conyers Riders Use DashRabbit Taxi Dispatch

Are you in need of a ride near you in Conyers, GA? DashRabbit Taxi Dispatch is here to serve residents in Rockdale and surrounding cities.

If you are still debating on whether or not it’s worth it to take a ride in metro Atlanta’s Conyers area then read our top five reasons below. We’re confident we can convince you that a ride with us is the most sensible option for your needs.

DashRabbit of Conyers is fast

1) DashRabbit Taxi Dispatch will get you where you’re going – fast. Our drivers live, and breathe the metro Atlanta area, so we know the quickest routes, and when to avoid certain busy streets, and at what times of day.

The independent contractor/drivers know the ins and outs of the Conyers area, so our drivers don’t get stumped by faulty Waze and Google map directions, or construction zones that block certain routes.

Make a friend

2) You might make a new friend while on a ride! Our independent drivers are some of the nicest people in the business, and with our “People Come First” motto, it’s no wonder.

Who knows, you might get to know your driver and learn something new during your ride! Be careful though as they may talk you into becoming a driver too!

Save your car

3) You can save on gasoline, and the wear and tear on your own automobile. We all know that the traffic in the Atlanta area can be brutal. Let our drivers take the beating so you can go home to your nice, clean car,

Get free Conyers rides with DashRabbit Taxi Dispatch

4) You earn points every time you ride, which can be used towards free rides. Of course there are a lot of other ways to save using DashRabbit Taxi Dispatch as your professional provider. We offer monthly coupons, discounts via email, and by SMS text,  along with other savings through our mobile app.

Hassle free rides

5) You won’t have to worry about parking, or paying for a parking spot. Lets say you’re driving and you’ve made it through the awful hwy 138 traffic, gotten downtown, and finally reached your destination, but there is nowhere to park.

When you do find a spot, it’s three blocks away and costs 10 dollars. Why not simply avoid all of this stress, and hassle and call DashRabbit Taxi Dispatch? Our drivers will gladly get you to, and from your destination with no stress and no sweat. We also offer transportation to Greyhound Atlanta and Hartsfield airport.


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