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10 Strange & Unique Taxi Cab Designs That Rock – or Not?

Here Are Some Of The Most Unique Taxi Cabs Used In Cities Around The World

10 Strange & Unique Taxi Cab Designs That Rock – or Not?

Just like many of our taxi cab riders from around the world, the authors here at DashRabbit™ love to find unique content to write about. In today’s article we are going to take a look at some photos of different cabs from all over the world. Some of them really rock, while others may seem a little strange.

Either way, here are 10 unique taxi designs with photos that you are sure to enjoy.

#10 Kawaii Taxi Cab: Tokyo, Japan

OK, umm, what is this? Is it a taxi or a bicycle? We see that it has 3 wheels, peddles, a steering column, and looks sort of like a type of bug. I’d be willing to bet that it has excellent gas mileage too! This bicycle-type, 3-wheel taxi is actually very popular in certain parts of Tokyo.

Kawaii Taxi Cab: Tokyo, Japan

#9 Prague Taxi Cab: Czech Republic

This taxi looks a lot like a beetle. You know, one of those short bus things. The kind of bus no one ever wanted to ride on when going to school. In all honesty, even though this taxi is a bit on the strange-looking side, it has a certain look that says, “I’ll take a cab!”

Prague Taxi Cab: Czech Republic

#8 European Taxi Cab: Lativia, Europe

Yeah, baby! This Mustang is more like it. Can you imagine the horse power this taxi has? Whoever decided to set up this cab in Lativia was not at all worried about the gas mileage. If gas stays cheap, then there is no problem but, but, but… what if prices go back up? Then again, the owner of this taxi probably has a waiting list of customers just itching for a ride.

European Taxi Cab: Lativia, Europe

#7 Solar Powered Taxi

I’m all for saving money, but this solar-powered taxi design is a little ridiculous. I can hear it now. Drunk guy in the bar says, “I’m not riding in that!”

Solar Powered Taxi

#6 Rockin’ Russian Taxi: Moscow

Yay, back to a cab that ROCKS! This Russian taxi is a thing of beauty. With its polished sleek design, it is sure to turn heads when it drives by. The black on orange stands out perfectly, and as you see, it’s a definite attention grabber. It would take a hefty pocketbook to own an entire fleet of taxis like this.

Rockin’ Russian Taxi: Moscow

#5 Little Coco Cabs, Cuba

“Yo driver! A little faster please, I’m going to miss my flight at the airport.” Surely no one would jump in one of these little taxis to get to an important airport flight, right? Of course not; however, the Coco taxis are extremely popular in Cuba for passengers needing short rides to get something to eat, for bar hopping, or for anything simple, short trips.

Little Coco Cabs, Cuba

#4 Volkswagen Taxi Cab: London

London cabs have been using the Volkswagon model for decades, so there really is nothing new to see here. Just about every major cab company in London uses this model. These taxis have always been different than those seen in other areas of the world, which makes them very unique.

Volkswagen Taxi Cab: London

#3 Taxi Cab In Rural Nicaragua

What you are seeing here is real. These golf-cart style taxis are used all over rural Nicaragua, and from what we understand, the drivers earn a decent living with them. For the cost of about U.S. $1.50, a person can travel 5 miles through the back country.

Taxi Cab In Rural Nicaragua

#2 Houston, TX Humvee Taxi

Call it a Hummer, or a Humvee; either way, it is a taxi. The Yellow Cab Company in Houston spent a fortune on this jewel, and from what we hear, it costs a fortune to ride in it too.

Houston, TX Humvee Taxi

#1 Porsche 911 Taxi Cab – DashRabbit Strong!

Of course we are going to make this Porsche our number one choice! We use this 911 taxi cab as the main image on the DashRabbit website. It has the hot yellow taxi look; it’s bold, and most of all, it rocks!


There you have it — 10 taxis that rock! If you know of any other cool cabs that you would like to share, just let us know.

Video Of These Unique Taxi Cabs

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